Monday, June 13, 2011

tucks are awesome - m8581

didn't do anything omgsuperfun this weekend even though the weather was incredible. summer arts festival kick started in the old market. only drove by it and entire streets were blocked off, signalling parking frenzies for months to come.

finished my nautical striped dress (m8581) on saturday. it is SO LOUD. and the dress alone looks like a bedsheet upcycle. i wore it with neutral colored cardigan and flats to run errands. felt less self-conscious about the bedsheet aspect of it.

here's a pic of the pattern. how much do you love the hair! hahahaha:

here's a pic of the dress in its unabashed state:

the tucks definitely prevent the dress from looking like just another shapeless dress. the belt helps too!

it's a mishmash of 70s (looking) fabric + 80s boxy-ness. the front and back look exactly the same, so i often have no idea if i'm wearing it correctly. also, posing is hard. how do i get my arms to look less....flabby without actually working out?

here's a breakdown of the cost of this project:

pattern: $0.10
fabric: $3.00 ($1/yd x 3 yds)
thread: $2.00
grand total: $5.10

talked to my aunt last night and she got me the 2.8 meters of glorious floral silk. yay! so excited for my vacation. i love love love toronto. how do canadians keep it so clean? i still need to pack, and i need a semi-formal outfit for my cousin's graduation. wonder if the nautical dress will be sufficient. speaking of packing and baggage, i can't believe airlines now charge for checked in luggage. united charges 25 bucks for the first one, and 35 for the second. so i have to fit everything into a small carry-on anticipating every crazy souvenir to fit. bleh!

from saturday to sunday, i worked on a top from v8495 (the ruffled sleeves one):

the fabric i used was this really thinly woven cotton with muted florals (i am on this floral kick fer sure!) , almost gauzy. totally got ahead of myself and understitched the neckline even though the pattern didn't call for it (the neckline has a row of topstitching). i just got really excited because i finally understood what understitching was. i only have sleeves and hemming left to do. but with the packing and errrrrrrrrything tonight, doubtful i'll get it done for my trip. soooooo pretty tho. trust.

yay for vacation!

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