Monday, June 27, 2011

completed - Sorbetto from Colette Patterns

finished sorbetto this weekend. was totally procrastinating by playing ffxiv most of time. this is the second time i've done colette patterns. the first was the mini bloomers that i kinda messed up because i didn't think transferring marks was all that important (yeah, lol). this time, i faithfully followed the instructions and i must say that they were very clear and the shirt was very well constructed.

the less than satisfactory - i didn't anticipate the shirt to be so fitted - at least through the armholes. i cut a size 4, and had to lengthen it by 2 inches. the pattern itself was too short for me even though i do not have a long torso. the only complaints against the pattern were the tightness of the armholes and the length.

construction wise, i used french seams on the shoulders and side seams. omg i love love love french seams! i used to be so intimidated by it but once i got used to sewing the wrong sides together first, it was so easy! (a big thank you to A Fashionable Stitch's seam finishing tutorials!) i HAND-STITCHED the bias tape together, which was the most time-consuming part of this shirt. (i used colette pattern's bias tape tutorial).

i'm wearing the shirt at work today!

close-up of the bindings:

and some love for french seams:

funny story about the fabric, which was on clearance @ hancock, 100% egyptian cotton. i hesitated on purchasing the fabric because it looked kind dowdy (it looks less dowdy on me, right??). i knew i wanted to make a top out of it, but wasn't sure how it would turn out. i asked the cutter lady if it looked like curtains. she responded enthusiastically, "yes it does!" my next question was " think if i made a shirt out of it, that it would look like curtains?" she immediately backtracked and said "no no i don't think it would look like curtains!" hahaha! anything to make a sale!

so let's see:

pattern: free
fabric: 1$/yd (i only used a yard!)
thread: 100% polyester from stash. i still have lots of coats & clark threads left. bleh. $2.00
grand total: $3.00


~another project finished before my vacation 2 weeks ago after the jump~

vogue 8495 pattern envelope. i made the flutter sleeve version.

mmmm natural light. i need better looking hangers:

close up of the sleeve:

pattern: $3.99
fabric: $6.00 ($3.00/yd x 2, gauze, 100% cotton)
thread: $2.00 (polyester probably)
grand total: $11.99

my review of the pattern is here!

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